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No one knows what the future holds!
  • Drive the same day
  • Cancelable on a daily basis
  • No fixed term
  • Quick and personal contact

Why Choose Blankert Shortlease?

Are you in search of a shortlease car? You've come to the right place with Blankert Shortlease. Whether you're looking for a car or a van for a short or slightly longer period, Blankert Shortlease enables you to fulfill your (temporary) mobility needs affordably and flexibly. All this without being tied to a lengthy lease contract. Who wouldn't want that?
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Maximale flexibiliteit in contracten, na 1 maand altijd per dag kosteloos opzegbaar
25 jaar ervaring
Ruim 25 jaar ervaring met korte leasecontracten
Passende auto
Altijd en per direct een passende tijdelijke lease auto voor u beschikbaar
Groot wagenpark
Een eigen wagenpark van ruim 2000 auto’s van diverse merken en klassen

More than 10,000 satisfied customers

97% of our customers recommend Blankert Shortlease!

Makkelijk, snel en prima service

Prima service, geen gedoe komen na wat beloofd wordt.

Snelle service, prima geregeld.

Klein puntje van kritiek, auto was niet volledig vol getankt. Dit was de eerste keer dat dit niet geheel correct was.

Duidelijke en vriendelijke hulp


Super service en top personeel

Vorige week 1 telefoontje gehad met medewerker Blankert en 2 shortlease auto's snel kunnen regelen. Deze zijn donderdag afgehaald en waren beide echt in top conditie. Eerdere ervaringen met Blankert was ook al zeer positief. Andere leasemaatschappijen kunnen hier zeker een voorbeeld aan nemen. Go zo door. Groet directie RieVisie MRS BV Harderwijk

Om 0900 contact en om 1500 reed ik weg

Snel en goed geholpen. Ruime keus en flexibel. Top

Prettig en betrouwbaar

Goede service / prima ! medewerkers; hier en daar een beetje omslachtige procedure.

Alles uitstekend geregeld

Het hele traject verliep vlot. Duidelijke informatie en goede communicatie. Vragen werden snel en duidelijk beantwoord.



Beste shortleaser van NL

Goede site, snelle service, goede prijs!

The Benefits:

At Blankert Shortlease, we offer you:

  • over 20 years of experience with short-term lease contracts,
  • always and immediately a suitable temporary shortlease car available for you,
  • our own fleet of 1700 cars from various brands and classes,
  • maximum contract flexibility, cancelable free of charge on a daily basis after 1 month.

Always a Available Shortlease Car

At Blankert Shortlease, we consider it essential to provide you with quick and efficient assistance. That’s why we always have a shortlease car available for you. Whether you’re in need of a passenger car or a delivery van, you can always have access to a suitable shortlease car right away. Additionally, you can choose from gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or electric models. Furthermore, our fleet is expanded weekly with various new vehicles. This ensures that we always have an appropriate and presentable shortlease car ready for you. Explore our offerings in business shortlease or our shortlease deals.

A Shortlease Car is Beneficial For:

  • anyone seeking flexible mobility with the ability to cancel on a daily basis.
  • small and medium-sized businesses, startups, freelancers, staffing agencies, expats, and individuals.
  • employees with a mobility budget.

The Benefits of Blankert Shortlease for You:

When you choose a car from Blankert Shortlease, you know exactly what you’re getting. We don’t have any “fine print” or unexpected costs. All lease contracts are based on Full Operational Lease, and all rates include: depreciation, interest, insurance, maintenance, replacement vehicle, tires, roadside assistance for breakdowns or accidents.

  • Maximum flexibility and clarity regarding monthly costs for your vehicle fleet.
  • Your own capital remains available for other purposes, as a shortlease car is not activated on your balance sheet.
  • Prevention of downtime in your vehicle fleet, supplementing your (fixed) fleet for temporary projects and/or flexible employment contracts.
  • Temporary mobility until your leased car is delivered.
  • No long-term obligations, penalty clauses, or expensive final settlements.

What to Expect from Blankert Shortlease:

  • Personalization: we’re happy to assist you personally and explain the various options of a shortlease agreement.
  • Flexibility: if your situation changes and you want to switch cars, no problem, you can easily exchange your car in the meantime.
  • Transparency: we’re more than willing to provide a personalized quote based on various durations and mileage, which we can apply retroactively for you.

If you value personalization, flexibility, and transparency, then Blankert Shortlease is the right choice for you!

Services Offered by Blankert Shortlease

The services offered by Blankert Shortlease are characterized by fast service, a personal approach, and always having an appropriate solution available immediately. Our services go beyond just shortlease. Our passion is to support both businesses and individuals in their mobility needs. Aside from shortlease, Blankert Shortlease offers the following services: car rental, fleet management, long-term lease agreements, chauffeur service, and package delivery. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

Need a Shortlease Car?

Do you want more explanation about the possibilities? Or are you interested in leasing a BMW, Mini, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Opel, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes (e.g. Mercedes C 350 Estate Plug-in Hybrid), Jaguar, Renault, Fiat, or another brand? Then request a quote for shortlease without any obligation or contact us personally. For more information, you can also check out our frequently asked questions.
Do you need a shortlease car? And do you want to drive today? That’s possible too! Contact us directly by calling 038 - 7200 880, sending an email to, or feel free to drop by. The coffee is always ready for you. Blankert Shortlease serves customers throughout the Netherlands, including: Zwolle, Rotterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Groningen, Apeldoorn, Enschede, Den Haag, Haarlem, Zaandam, Arnhem, Amersfoort

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