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Short-term lease Rotterdam

Short-term lease Rotterdam

There are plenty of reasons to choose short leasing in Rotterdam. For example, because you have an employee with a temporary contract. Or because you want to try out different cars. At Blankert Shortlease, you can get started today. No fixed term and cancelable per day! Drive into the Rotterdam city center via the Erasmus Bridge with one of our cars today!

Business short leasing in Rotterdam

Does your new employee need a company car? Or is there a seasonal peak coming up? Then it’s not practical to purchase a new company vehicle for that or to sign a long-term lease contract. Choose short leasing in Rotterdam instead. Not only is it much more cost-effective, but it also provides a lot of peace of mind. Because that insurance? And all that maintenance? It’s all taken care of for you.

Short leasing for individuals

Are you not a business driver, but do you love new cars? Or do you want to test drive that one dream car for a few months first? In that case, you can also take advantage of short leasing in Rotterdam. Just like for business drivers, everything is taken care of for you. Insurance? Roadside assistance? Maintenance? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. And that’s a relief.

Lease a car at Blankert Shortlease

Need a car temporarily? At Blankert Shortlease, we can undoubtedly help you out. We don’t work with fixed terms. In fact, our contracts can be canceled per day. So you’re never tied down to anything. And you can scale up or down as you wish. So if you’re looking for short leasing in Rotterdam, you might be driving away in one of our cars today! Prefer to rent a car? You’re also in the right place at Blankert Shortlease. Ask us about our options.

Interested in short leasing within Rotterdam?

Looking for a car you can lease temporarily? Blankert Shortlease has various cars ready for you in Zwolle. From Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen. We have them all. Found your favorite car? Request a quote right away! Do you have a question or would you rather speak to us in person? That’s possible too! Call us at 038-7200 880. Calling outside our opening hours? Submit a call-back request. We’ll call you back as soon as possible for short leasing in Rotterdam.

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